allUpp x CoGrow: Initiating the Transformation

The Hero: allUpp allUpp is one of the few Salesforce consulting partners headquartered in Austria. They accompany their clients on every step of their Customer and User Journey for Marketing, Sales and Service. By following a clear engagement strategy, they develop tailor-made CRM systems based on Salesforce Customer 360 that promote their clients’ growth atContinue reading “allUpp x CoGrow: Initiating the Transformation”

The Philosophy of Regenerative Coaching

Businesses today tend to look at themselves as if they were playing a football match. Players have 90 minutes to make more goals than the other team, or else they lose. Targets must be met, and players better keep running if they want to stay on the playing field. The coach is constantly yelling atContinue reading “The Philosophy of Regenerative Coaching”

Is your Agile transition stuck? Ready for true transformation?

Can you still remember the euphoria when your “agile transformation” started? Maybe you were full of enthusiasm, and wholeheartedly supported the movement. Perhaps it all started after participating in an inspiring training to become a Scrum Master, Scaling Agile Consultant or Product Owner. There was a buzzing atmosphere that connected you and your colleagues becauseContinue reading “Is your Agile transition stuck? Ready for true transformation?”

Now what? Standstill, regression or evolutionary development?

Some months ago I stumbled across a statement, which was given by a CEO of one of the largest enterprises in Germany, who said:”… Hopefully, someday in the near future, we will be able to laugh at how complex we used to be.” It was after an outburst of emotion, when confronted with a situation,Continue reading “Now what? Standstill, regression or evolutionary development?”

Psychological Safety is gained! Nor provided!?

Many people know Google’s study about team effectiveness, which presented “Psychological Safety” as the most important factor for high-performing teams. This is also what it takes, so people can be the best version of themselves. I recently was reminded of it, when a friend and fellow coach elaborated on the importance of “putting it in place” inContinue reading “Psychological Safety is gained! Nor provided!?”

Stockt eure Agile Transition?

Kannst du dich noch an die Euphorie erinnern, als es in eurer “agilen Transformation” losging? Womöglich warst du voll Feuer, hast die Bewegung mit getragen und wurdest in einem inspirierenden Kurs zum Scrum Master, Scaling Agile Berater oder Product Owner ausgebildet.  Da war euphorische Stimmung, die dich und deine Kollegen verbunden hat, weil ihr gespürtContinue reading “Stockt eure Agile Transition?”

“Lean-Agile Leadership” is not a competency, but a symptom of growing up

Recently I felt some irritation, when I stumbled across a post by Scaled Agile about the “Core competency” Lean-Agile Leadership in their framework. Generally – aside of this framework or the post – it appears to me – and maybe it’s me – as if Leadership is treated like a piece of knowledge, which youContinue reading ““Lean-Agile Leadership” is not a competency, but a symptom of growing up”