Guided Transformation Journey

Guided Transformation Journey

“Any regeneration project that fails to put environmental and social benefits at its very heart is unlikely to achieve anything more than a very short-lived spasm of spurious prosperity.” 
—Jonathon Porritt

Your Need for Change

Today’s VUCA world confronts businesses with highly complex challenges that are way above the tools offered by traditional management frameworks. Ineffectiveness, overload, delays, stress, frustration, diminishing revenues, leaders «all in over their heads» and burnout are symptoms of that. Complex issues demand complex solutions. Organizations should gain the abilities needed to match the level of complexity of today’s context. 

Regenerative practices offer organizations the perfect toolkit to cope with VUCA environments. These practices cannot be “installed” in organizations, or “applied” by leaders.  There must be a strong intention underlining the entire journey. The only way to “become agile” is to establish a safe space where people can develop their mindset from within, to then start moving towards and beyond their developmental edge. Investing in your people’s personal development is therefore the direct leverage to increasing your organization’s success. It is never too early and never too late to firmly and consciously start the journey.

How Does it Work?

The Guided Transformation Journey involves going through our cohort-based learning and development programs: only if the transformation community has developed a common language and thus transformation literacy, it is possible to think and work collectively in new ways.  The Regenerative Enterprise Basecamp, a 6 week-initiation program that provides the foundations for transformation and serves as an introduction to our regenerative approach, will serve this purpose. The change agents within the transformation community are the core of the movement and continue with Regenerative Coaching Immersion, an intensive, 12-week course where they gain the knowledge and learn to embody agility from the inside out. This program is accredited by ICAgile and participants achieve the Agility in the Enterprise (ICP-ENT) and Coaching Agile Transitions (ICP-CAT) Certifications.

Cogrow facilitators will be guiding you on your transformation, and will also be your stewards on the journey. To start off, we meet as human beings and design our unique alliance. Together, we work as a cohort to find our common purpose as change agents on a mission to evolve the organizations we live in.

During the cohort programs, change agents lead and develop their own regenerative transformation under our supervision. At the same time, the programs prototype and cultivate a new way of leadership and self-organizing, which is fit for their context.

Together we initiate the core of a deliberate developmental organization.

CoGrow’s Approach

CoGrow’s Guided Transformation Journey is a program designed to propel leaders and organizations in their path towards a regenerative stage in culture. Throughout this experience, we aim to become a collective force capable of transcending the hierarchical, exploitative, and mechanistic model of management dominating our planet and thus most corporations today. Together, we spend the year co-discovering our system and co-developing the necessary resilience and complexity needed to operate organizations in a way that resembles living systems, particularly in their sustained capacity for constant regeneration.

Microchanges for Macrochange

We hold the space for transformation to emerge organically from the field of resonance built by conscious relating. The CoGrow journey is a process that develops simultaneously in two planes: the “I”, and the “We”. The “I” process involves the exploration of the inner sense-making processes of everyone involved, and the resulting ability to express our true talents in the outer world. On the “We” or societal level, we learn to reinforce our connection to others and to an evolutionary purpose, which in turn strengthens the collective’s power to transform. The individual path represents our own Hero’s Journey towards higher levels of consciousness, while the collective path allows the actual manifestation of holistic systems capable of self-regeneration and self-maintenance within our society. More mature individuals can collaborate in more complex forms and experiment to find more and more effective ways to organize themselves. Agile practices have arisen from such collectives, but they are not the end of evolution! 

Regenerative Transformation

Our holistic approach is based on the most advanced schools of thought that have studied transformation, be it psychologically, scientifically, sociologically, spiritually, or organizationally. Within the agile world, transformation is only interpreted as the change initiatives organizations chose to go through to achieve a higher degree of customer satisfaction. We choose to understand transformation as a much deeper concept, taking into account all the mystical traditions of the world that have explored the process for centuries and developed sophisticated, effective practices around it. This IS the real transformation within any human system!

The technological breakthroughs of the last century offer humanity incredibly powerful tools that can easily solve most of our planet’s crises. The problem is that this power can only be harnessed by a highly conscious type of leadership, backed by a resilient, purpose-driven collective. Otherwise, technology will continue to be misused for purposes arising from society’s shadow side. Environmental destruction, terrorism, Machiavellian politics (also present in most corporations), social injustice, and spiritual emptiness could all be overcome if the collective could rise above false limitations and help shape a new regenerative system. The good news is that rising up is possible if we commit ourselves to the journey.

Ready to move towards regeneration?

The Guided Transformation Journey is aimed at organizations in need of active guidance in their quest for deep transformation. Throughout the program, those individuals within an organization, who burn to lead change, come together as fellows and go on the journey together as a collective to develop their individual capabilities for transformational leadership. The CoGrow team takes an active role and guides all the transformation community on their journey, facilitating the development of each person, and at the same time co-developing the transformation of the entire organization.

“As long as the psychological strife, struggle and battle are not understood, and the psychological overtones and currents are not overcome, the structure of society, however marvelously built, is bound to crash.”


Got questions?

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