Is your Agile transition stuck? Ready for true transformation?

After initial euphoria, many “transformation projects” silt up and get stuck. The symptoms that led to the decision to initiate an agile transition reappear in a stronger form. Although the term “transformation” is on everyone’s lips, the actual concept is ignored. CoGrow.Space’s Regenerative Enterprise Coaching Immersion offers agile consultants and executives the opportunity to reflect,Continue reading “Is your Agile transition stuck? Ready for true transformation?”

Now what? Standstill, regression or evolutionary development?

Some months ago I stumbled across a statement, which was given by a CEO of one of the largest enterprises in Germany, who said:”… Hopefully, someday in the near future, we will be able to laugh at how complex we used to be.” It was after an outburst of emotion, when confronted with a situation,Continue reading “Now what? Standstill, regression or evolutionary development?”

Psychological Safety is gained! Nor provided!?

Many people know Google’s study about team effectiveness, which presented “Psychological Safety” as the most important factor for high-performing teams. This is also what it takes, so people can be the best version of themselves. I recently was reminded of it, when a friend and fellow coach elaborated on the importance of “putting it in place” inContinue reading “Psychological Safety is gained! Nor provided!?”

Stockt eure Agile Transition?

Kennst du das? Nach anfänglicher Euphorie versanden viele Transformationsvorhaben. Die Symptome, die zur Entscheidung für eine Agile Transition geführt haben, erscheinen in verstärkter Form wieder. Obwohl der Begriff “Transformation” in aller Munde ist, wird das Wissen darüber ausgeblendet. CoGrow.Space´s Regenerative Enterprise Coaching Immersion bietet “agilen” Beratern und Führungskräften die Möglichkeit innezuhalten und die Tür  zuContinue reading “Stockt eure Agile Transition?”

“Lean-Agile Leadership” is not a competency, but a symptom of growing up

Recently I felt some irritation, when I stumbled across a post by Scaled Agile about the “Core competency” Lean-Agile Leadership in their framework. Generally – aside of this framework or the post – it appears to me – and maybe it’s me – as if Leadership is treated like a piece of knowledge, which youContinue reading ““Lean-Agile Leadership” is not a competency, but a symptom of growing up”