Regenerative Enterprise Basecamp

Regenerative Enterprise Basecamp

Are you in need of a change? 
Kick off your transformational journey now.

The Regenerative Enterprise Coaching Basecamp is a 6-day initiatory program designed to function as the starting point in your organization’s regenerative transformation. You’ll dive deep into the agile values, principles, and practices, unlocking the essential pillars to Agility, and beyond. If there is SAFe or other frameworks already in the environment, we learn to work with it; if there isn’t, we leave it aside and start the transformation journey regardless.

The Basecamp is aimed both at those working in rationalistic environments like SAFe, that are not working optimally, and at organizations seeking to introduce the framework for the first time. Bear in mind: this is not SAFe class, but includes one when required. The Basecamp is an unparalleled program that will help you move beyond your limitations—as much as it will inspire you to start working with any tools and practices in the most impactful way possible


Our Approach

The Basecamp has been carefully created to help individuals, coaches, consultants and teams bring Agile practices back to life. CoGrow’s approach integrates new concepts from contemporary schools of thought such as Integral Transformation Framework, Collective Trauma Integration Process, Theory U, Adaptive Action, Leadership Circle, and Sociocracy, as well as Organizational Development (OD) and Professional Coaching. This fusion of long-established and novel ideas is extremely effective at empowering organizations to start moving in the direction of the future.

What sets us apart

  • We acknowledge the relevance of agile frameworks (such as SAFe) as a force within businesses, but choose to approach it from a holistic point of view within the context of enterprise and leadership agility. Put simply, we recognize that frameworks can only work when paired with the right intention, a deep understanding of the ecosystem and inspiring, impact-driven leadership.
  • We are agnostic in the way we understand frameworks: we look at them and objectivize them, putting it into perspective. We are not driven by theory, instead we are capable of remaining aware of its strengths and weaknesses. 
  • We are aware of the frameworks’ (and SAFe’s) shadow side, but choose to use its energy as a catalyst for transformation. The distribution of rationalistic-pluralistic frameworks like SAFe within a modern business model allows us to reach individuals and organizations that would otherwise remain closed to regenerative change. We are bridging the gap between rationalists and pluralists in the agile world, to strengthen the movement as a whole. We integrate antagonistic views on how people co-create value for the emerging future.
  • We will help you co-initiate your organization’s Agile transformation—right from the get-go. Together, we will discover what agility means for you and your team—rather than focusing on standardized processes that end up driving “transformation projects” to failure. 
  • We will tackle the old, familiar patterns of thought keeping your organization stuck in the past, unable to work sustainably in a world affected by constant change, unpredictable consumer patterns, environmental crises, and political conflicts.
  • You and your entire team will experience firsthand what it feels like to work within a deliberate developmental space, where transformation is able to grow organically.

Our expertise

Over the past decades, we have grown as a deeply aligned alliance of experienced, change-making Agilists, coaches and facilitators. We live what we preach: embodying true Agile Leadership. 

What participants say about the experience

Who should attend the Regenerative Enterprise Basecamp?

The Basecamp will prove specifically beneficial for:

  • Novice practitioners wishing to expand their skillfulness with the purpose of becoming change-agents capable of leading the path towards impactful transformation.
  • Consultants, team coaches, Enterprise Agile coaches, and multi-team coaches struggling to work with agile scaling frameworks (also SAFe) in an effective, meaningful way.
  • Teams and organizations interested in working with Agile for the first time.

What to expect?

  • The Basecamp will enable you to bring otherwise sterile Agile practices to life. You will discover how to use agile scaling frameworks (such as SAFe) as an alignment tool for your personal evolution, as well as that of your team, and your organization as a whole.
  • You will gain an in-depth understanding of what it takes for your organization to start navigating complexity using purpose as a guiding principle. This new-found perspective will help you realize that the key to transformation lays inside you.
  • The course is taught in 6 half-days during 6 weeks, with limited homework activities and reflection in triads between the classes.
  • This course will be the initiation of your journey into organizational mastery. Completing it will propel you into the next steps of your process towards a regenerative culture. 
  • You will be invited to join the CoGrow.Space Impact Collective, a community of change-making agents offering mutual support, guidance, resonance and inspiration.
  • If the program is requested as such, after full program participation and completion of all homework assessments, you will achieve the SAFe Agilist Certification


For the entire 6-week Regenerative Enterprise Coaching Basecamp the price is EUR €1,500 per participant.

Program Overview

In-house format

The Regenerative Enterprise Coaching Basecamp is offered in-house for private groups. This can be done at any location of your choosing. If interested in this option, do not hesitate to contact us at 

Continuing the journey…

The Regenerative Enterprise Coaching Basecamp is offered as a fundamental training program for organizations ready to take their first step towards transformation. After completing the Basecamp, you can decide to take the next steps of your Guided Transformation Journey for organizations with us. 

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