Regenerative Coaching Immersion

Regenerative Coaching Immersion

Are you ready to set sail to the next stage in culture?
Let’s lead the transformation.

Regenerative Coaching Immersion is a 24-week transformative program designed to help you embark on your mastery journey towards becoming an effective Enterprise Agile Coach.

Upon successful completion, you will earn two of ICAgile’s most advanced knowledge-based certifications: the ICP-ENT and the ICP-CAT.

Regenerative Coaching is the path to the future. In order to guide an organization towards agility, coaches need to embody a leadership mindset, and even go beyond agility, towards a new stage in culture.

This one-of-a-kind program is aimed at individuals and teams, agile coaches, and consultants seeking to become leading change catalysts. You will learn how to lead the leaders as they initiate their transformation, engaging every person within the organization in the entire process. Along this journey, you will gain all the key insights and wisdom to set organizational evolution into motion.

Ready-made transformation initiatives tend to have a high failure rate. Fixed, start-to-finish transformation plans do not capture the complexity of the organization’s reality, and thus end up creating shallow, ineffective systems. This program enriches transformation coaches with a deep understanding of how agility needs to be envisioned and developed for today’s fast-changing world. 

Our Approach

Our programs provide you with a highly immersive learning experience. We are strongly inspired by new concepts from contemporary schools of thought such as Integral Transformation Framework, Theory U, Human Systems Dynamics, Leadership Circle, as well as Organizational Development (OD) and Professional Coaching. This fusion of these theories and the practical application is extremely effective at empowering you to facilitate sustainable transformation within complex environments.

What sets us apart

  • This course builds on competencies as an Agile Coach in the enterprise context, and goes beyond. We delve into the fields of Organization Development, Professional Coaching, Psychology, and Sociology. 
  • We take an ideology-free, holistic approach to agility. We move beyond the limitations of each framework. Instead, we blend several teachings and methodologies intentionally, by deeply listening to what’s needed for each particular case.
  • We immediately apply the practices and tools to the context of your organization or that of your client, and co-develop the Agile transformation from the get-go. This way, you develop the ability to take effective action and navigate your own complexity.
  • We strive for personal development as much as professional mastery. Conscious leadership depends on conscious self-leadership. First and foremost, we learn to lead the transformation within ourselves.
  • When entire teams decide to participate together, the program allows you to directly co-initiate and develop their organization’s transformation. The course serves as a temporary developmental space for participants, who then become capable of creating more impact in their organizations of origin.
  • Through our programs, participants and trainers engage in active participation and mutual learning. The fusion of the fellows’ experience with the trainers’ expertise, allows the learning to become much impactful, deep, and effective.

Our expertise

Over the past years, we have grown as a deeply aligned alliance of experienced, change-making Agilists, coaches, and facilitators. We practice to consciously live what we preach: embodying Regenerative Leadership, on a daily basis.

Who should attend the Regenerative Enterprise Coaching Immersion?

Experienced professionals are welcome to attend the program, regardless of their background. The course has proven particularly beneficial for:

Program, enterprise, and team-level Agile coaches, Agile team facilitators, or any professional seeking to become an impact-driven change agent. 

Individuals with experience in organizational development or change management, who feel a calling to understand how to become agile at the enterprise level.

Company executives, senior managers, leaders, project managers, business analysts, and team members who understand the value of transformation and are in need of active guidance throughout their journey towards their developmental edge.

This program is specially designed to host whole teams of agile coaches and leaders from one single organization.

What to expect?

  • Due to our practical approach, you will be immediately empowered to apply the practices learned to respond purposefully to uncertainty and complexity within your own enterprise.
  • You will explore in detail the elements of Agility, and discover how to link the core enterprise coaching competencies in a way that will empower you to keep every stakeholder engaged throughout the transformation process of the organization. 
  • The course will expand your understanding of transformation and organizational development, and enhance your leadership capabilities. You will evolve your skills as a change catalyst, and become capable of guiding organizations on their journey to a regenerative stage in culture. 
  • Learning to walk the talk will enable you to articulate an organization’s need for change in the most convincing manner, thus diminishing potential resistance. As a result, the initiation of the transformation process within the organization will be strong enough to sustain change over time. After completing the program, you will be capable of genuinely and confidently communicating, educating and facilitating at any organizational level, especially at the leadership level, and at every stage of the transition.
  • You will acquire new insights and communication tools that will allow you to develop the internal mindset needed to inspire leaders and team members to become Agilists both personally and professionally, as well as individually and collectively. In this sense, you will be able to create the openness necessary for everyone to embody the transformation mindset.
  • Discovering how to properly embrace complexity will empower you to lead organizational change through different organizational settings and frameworks. You will begin to view organizations as complex living organisms and gain awareness of the multiple structures within them. You will additionally discover how to recognize and work through limitations affecting the various areas of the organization. 
  • You will become a member of the CoGrow.Space Impact Collective, a hub for continuous communal support, guidance, resonance, and inspiration. This will allow you to keep in touch with other cohorts, as well as with all other members of the CoGrow Impact Collective.
  • After successful program participation and completion of all homework assessments, you will achieve ICAgile’s ICP-ENT and ICP-CAT certifications.


For the entire 24-week Regenerative Coaching Immersion program, including the ICP-ENT and ICP-CAT certifications, the price is CHF 3,495 (+VAT)—per participant*.

* If you are a member of a start-up or Non-Profit organization following an evolutionary purpose, and the price for the program is beyond the range of your budget, please contact us, and we will arrange a meaningful exchange to still provide our service to you.

Program Overview

The Regenerative Coaching Immersion program is offered inhouse and serves as an epi-center for regenerative, agile transformation within your organization.  Internal Change Agents, agile coaches and visionary leaders use their own organization as a living case study and immediately have an impact using the new knowledge, practices and tools under our supervision

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