About Us

About Us

We believe in humanity

We are here to help coaches, leaders, and creators of all sorts make a living doing what they love, in a way that heals our hearts and the planet. 

For humans, by humans

We are a tight-knit team committed to building regenerative organizations. We come from different places in the world, yet share the same belief: empathy, technology and self-awareness can push the future forward. That’s why we work intensely to build a collective where we do great work. We are here to help you lead the way to a better future for everyone. 

Our guidance

Our mission is to serve you and the people you work with. The degree of our guidance depends on the needs of your organization. Our ultimate goal is to help you bring your higher purpose into existence. We are focused on providing you with continuous mentorship throughout your transformation journey. Together, we are ready to elevate the way work is done.

Our faculty

Randolf Speigner

“We will never be able to solve the problems of tomorrow with the thinking of today.”

Randolf works as a transformation facilitator, trainer and enterprise agile coach. Over the last two decades, he worked with leaders, teams, and bigger units in fast-growing tech startups as well as global enterprises. He offers  his guidance as they realize their potential and capacity in regenerative transformation.  From  high-tech software –  native to agility to “brick-and-mortar”  – facing digital transformation, he gained experience in several industries. As a global citizen he collaborates with thought leaders in human transformation.

Sabina Renshof

“Wherever you are, be the soul of that place” – Rumi

Sabina is a committed change agent and agile coach. She has over 15 years of work experience realizing agile transformations for national and local governments, as well as private profits and non-profits. She has a keen understanding of situations in which the daily focus and value creation are difficult to combine with long-term and purpose-oriented work. Sabina sees change as a strategic asset, the key to delivering quality fast and building impactful organizations. She helps teams get more value out of scrum for development and non-development. Additionally, Sabina has worked in business development, selling complex services with long lead cycles, and building strategic partnerships. Her goal is co-creating deliberate developmental environments, for growing inner and outer agility to face the challenges of the VUCA world. She is also a proud cat mom and a wonderful singer.

Torsten Hansen

Torsten is a senior agile coach, facilitator, and scrum master. He has a long track record of helping teams and organizations create valuable, customer-centric software solutions. While guiding teams and organizations, Torsten put’s a special focus on creating an inclusive space of collaboration, curiosity, and fun, thus enabling fast and high-quality results. He is also an organizational coach, having worked with leaders and managers, and as a facilitator of workshops and events designed to develop strategies, goals, and roadmaps.

He has helped both co-located and distributed teams, spread across Europe, North America, Asia, and the Pacific, to develop a broad range of software products and services. Torsten values curiosity and enjoys being challenged on his personal views and opinions. He encourages teams and groups to find new, out-of-the-box ways of solving problems and challenges.

Christian Erhard

“It’s hard to read the label when you’re inside the bottle”

Christian spent over a decade working in marketing for one of the largest e-commerce marketplaces in the world. He was part of the executive team, which gave him an insider’s perspective on the pressures many managers and executives experience every day. Through his coaching career, he helps professionals discover their ability to deal with the increasing number of challenges of today’s world. Christian believes in working with our analytical mind, our feeling heart, and our sensing body, to get more clarity, and focus on our priorities. He continuously instils in his clients the idea that meaningful change starts within ourselves. Only when we dare to look inside, we are able to become more confident in crafting a work-life that is aligned with our priorities and values.

Ardita Karaj

Ardita is an Enterprise Agility, Lean Coach, Product and Business Coach, Trainer, Public Speaker, and Community builder. She has worked as a consultant, mentoring leaders of organizations focusing on improvement, innovation, and customer satisfaction, helping them increase the impact of Digital and Business Agility. She has experience in setting and executing product strategies as well as in technical practices, making her technically savvy. Throughout her career, Ardita has founded and participated as a speaker for several local and global Agile conferences and events. Currently, she is the President of Industrial Logic Canada IndustrialLogic.ca, part of the Industrial Logic (IndustrialLogic.com) and Tango.

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