Discovery Kick-Off

Discovery Kick-Off

The Discovery Kick-Off is a 4-week starter program where we lay the groundwork for purposeful change by exploring the entire system and identifying its strengths and limitations, ultimately co-creating a clear image of the organization’s present state. Over the course of the sessions, facilitators and leaders co-develop the alliance for real, sustained transformation execution. CoGrow’s Agents support the organization’s self-discovery by posing the right questions and observing the system from their outsider perspective. The in-depth assessment provided by the Discovery program offers the foundation of the Guided Transformation Journey that the organization will embark on moving forward.

After completing the Discovery Kick-Off, the organization gets a holistic, unbiased picture on how to move into its Guided Transformation Journey to start enabling change among all stakeholders and reaching its cultural edge through guidance and coaching.

Our Approach

Our approach to Regenerative transformation involves the four integral dimensions of an organization: Leadership & Mindset, Practices & Behaviour, Organizational Culture & Relationships & Organizational Behaviour. Throughout our Discovery Kick-Off, we observe and study dynamics, practices, and processes through these four lenses to guarantee a thorough, in-depth understanding of the organization.

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