Virtual Team Coaching

Virtual Team Coaching

Is your team based in different locations or working from home? Are you looking to overcome the challenges of a remote work environment? 
Our Virtual Team Coaching can improve collaboration and enhance decision-making, bringing your virtual team to the next level. 

Virtual team development comes with very particular challenges. Difficulties in communicating across teams, diminished focus and productivity, weakened relationships, lack of cohesiveness, and issues in managing accountability are among the most common challenges teams are experiencing in the world of today. Because of this, many companies end up sending teams on expensive two-day team building offsite workshops, only for everything to go back to how it was shortly afterwards.

Virtual team coaching is a great way for teams to learn new behaviours, while doing their daily work. It does not interfere and still delivers a lasting impact. CoGrow.Space’s Virtual Team Coaching is facilitated by skilled team coaches with ample experience in bringing the cracks to the surface, and ensuring teams stay aligned and engaged. Our coaches help team members develop new insights and skills in a safe space, to heighten team resonance and confidence. By doing so, teams co-develop new ways of working and interacting that help them navigate the remote work environment more effectively.

Our Approach

Above all, we value learning through experience. This makes our Virtual Team Coaching uniquely inspiring, executable and tangible. It’s different from the standard team meetings. We focus on setting a strong intention, and this allows attention to reach a heightened level. Teams discover how to be present, tune in, and listen in a way that they may not be used to in the typical online meeting.

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