Regenerative Coaching Initiation

Regenerative Coaching Initiation

Are you ready to set sail to truly regenerative stages in culture?
Let’s lead the transformation.

Are you and your organization ready to make your next move? 

The Regenerative Enterprise Coaching Immersion is a 9-week transformative program designed to help you embark on your organizational mastery journey. It is the perfect portal for those seeking to gain regenerative enterprise coaching capabilities.  

This one-of-a-kind program is aimed at individuals and teams, agile coaches, and consultants contemplating their next move. Are you ready to set sail to experience truly regenerative stages in culture? Are you looking forward to taking responsibility? Do you want to lead leaders and organizations in their transformation?

Our Regenerative Enterprise Coaching Immersion serves those seeking to understand purpose and impact-driven change. Along this journey, you and your team will gain all the key insights and wisdom to set heartfelt evolution into motion.

Our Approach

The Regenerative Enterprise Coaching Immersion is a cohort of fellows that takes place within a space of deep resonance. Our approach allows the future to sprout organically from the merging of our higher selves. We are strongly inspired by concepts from contemporary schools of thought such as the Integral Transformation Framework, Theory U, Adaptive Action, Leadership Circle, and Sociocracy, and also by Organizational Development (OD) and Professional Coaching. This holistic framework empowers you to facilitate sustainable transformation within the highly complex environments of today’s world.

What sets us apart

  • Focusing on individual self-awareness allows us to infuse sense-making into the theory surrounding Agility. We gain transformation literacy and apply it to your case, but also move beyond rationality and into the subjective plane—where real transformation is able to emerge organically. 
  • If you bring your entire team along, you will learn to embody agility from the inside out, both as individuals and as a collective. Above all, we co-initiate an inner journey: your very presence will be the force enabling transformation.
  • We immediately apply the practices and tools to the context of your organization and co-develop the Agile transformation during the program. We help you acquire the ability to take effective action and navigate your own complexity. 
  • Our journey together will be driven by the process itself more so than by theoretical procedures. Our objective is for everyone to experience what a regenerative culture feels like within a safe space.
  • We value the development of ecosystem-awareness. To us, the collective path to mastery can only really start when everyone sees themselves as part of a whole. This knowing is key to igniting impact-oriented leadership
  • This program serves as a temporary deliberate developmental space for participants, who will then create more effective impact in their organizations of origin.

Our expertise

Over the years, we have grown as a deeply aligned alliance of experienced, change-making Agilists, coaches, and facilitators. We intend to live what we preach: we go through our own journey and co-grow with you. 

Who should attend the Regenerative Enterprise Coaching Immersion?

Experienced professionals are welcome to attend the program, regardless of their background. The Immersion has proven particularly beneficial for:

Company executives, senior managers, leaders, and team members who understand the value of transformation and want to take the first steps in their journey towards a purposeful future.

Consultants, professional coaches, Agile coaches seeking to gain a new, more holistic perspective on Enterprise Agility and regenerative organization development.

This program is specially designed to host whole teams of agile coaches and leaders from one organization.

What to expect?

This course will be the initiation of your journey into organizational mastery. It will inspire you to reconnect with your higher self, and thus with your capacity to bring about meaningful change initiatives across your organization. 

Due to our practical approach, you will be immediately empowered to apply the practices learned to respond purposefully to uncertainty and complexity within your own enterprise.

You will improve your ability to find resonance within relationships, authenticity within communication, and purpose behind all group dynamics. As you uncover your own transformative process, you will start growing into your role as an effective, emotionally-savvy, and impact-oriented enterprise facilitator—one who’s also fully aware of everyone’s importance within the ecosystem.

You will have gained the necessary transformation literacy to deal with barriers and limiting thought patterns preventing the expansion of the Agile mindset across the entire environment. This will additionally enable you to avoid potential pitfalls, and decrease your chances of falling back into past ineffective formulas.

You will become a member of the CoGrow.Space Impact Collective, a hub for continuous communal support, guidance, resonance, and inspiration. This will allow you to keep in touch with other cohorts, as well as with all other members of the CoGrow Impact Collective.

After successful program participation and completion of all homework assessments, you will achieve one of ICAgile’s most advanced knowledge-based certifications, the ICP-ENT designation


For the entire 9-week Regenerative Enterprise Coaching Immersion, the price is EUR 2,690per participant.

Program Overview

Open format

The Regenerative Enterprise Coaching Immersion is a program delivered entirely online. We welcome participants and smaller groups from different organizations into a shared learning and developmental space.

In-house format

The Regenerative Enterprise Coaching Immersion can also be offered in-house for private groups. If interested in this option, do not hesitate to contact us at:

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